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Bacoban effective against Coronavirus

Since 2012, Bacoban Disinfectant has met or exceeded International Aviation approval status

Covid 19 Response Strategy

Dear colleagues; Fuller is dedicated to safety and well being of our staff and all who come in contact  with  or facility while we all navigate the implications that the covid-19 pandemic has on all lives and businesses. Fuller has implemented a  comprehensive  Covid-19  response  strategy  and  educated  all staff on requirements and expectation. Our… View Article

Silbertool – The only tool at actually Repairs the Thread

We had an issue in our China location where we supply special fasteners to a special customer. The problem was that during transport, heat treatment or other magical events some slight nicks or other defects would appear no matter how hard we tried to eliminate this problem. Our customer even when the defects were very… View Article

Fuller Fasteners

The view from up here, the North that is.

Here is my little rant to start 2017.  My thoughts are from the Canadian perspective and the fastener import business. So by now Trump is the new US president and many outside the US are wondering and are probably a little worried what will happen next.  For me it is a bit of a strange feeling… View Article

The Life of a Bolt

This is a cool little video from Red Bull that follows a bolt from design to use. Thanks Nick for getting me the link.

Disable Folder Moves and Deletes on NTFS files system

Hans Fuller – March 2015 We were struggling with a very common problem; users inadvertently move files and folders by accident.   Then all of a sudden the files are gone and we need to use our shadow copy or restores to get the data back.     There has to be a way to… View Article

2016 Fall Conference

Pac-West 2016 Fall Conference and more

The fall conference in Portland has concluded and a great time was had by all and again, we actually learned something.  We visited the Eastside Plating plant and also a warehouse of a major fastener importer whose name starts with “B”.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the conference possible, all the great staff and… View Article

Holo-Krome & Fuller – Stock in Seattle Washington

I just returned from a very busy and quick trip to our Mississauga (Toronto) warehouse and also a visit to the Holo-Krome factory. We have some very exciting news in regards to Holo-Krome and the West Coast distribution. Fuller has been a Master Distributor of Holo-Krome products in Canada for some time and we are very… View Article

Fuller Fasteners

Celebrating 40 Years in Business

  As managing director of Fuller Metric Parts I am proud to announce another milestone in the history of our company.  In June 2016 we celebrated 40 years in business.  What started out as a local, niche metric fastener specialist, has grown into a global supplier of a full range of metric and inch fasteners… View Article

Pac-West After Hours Denver

Just over 50 people attended the casual meeting in downtown Denver at ViewHouse rooftop bar, what a great way to meet local fastener professionals in a very casual atmosphere.I am very happy how this program has developed from the initial idea last year to a very successful program. Thanks to all who attended, it was fun to meet… View Article

Three weeks in China and Taiwan – Only two plane rides but 12 trains…..

The first week I stayed put and worked out of our office in Waigaoquiao Shanghai, which after all this time really seems like home but I just do not understand anyone.  The weather was quite nice in Shanghai with blue sky but a bit of rain.  This trip I really wanted to attend an event… View Article

The good, the Bad and “it’s always about the lowest price”

I just returned from almost 3 weeks in Asia and the jetlag is not letting go as quickly as usual. Spent a few days with the crew in our Shanghai warehouse reviewing procedures, training and refining some quality processes.  Also the usual planes, trains and automobiles to audit our current and a few new factories. Of… View Article