2016 Fall Conference

The fall conference in Portland has concluded and a great time was had by all and again, we actually learned something.  IMG_0302We visited the Eastside Plating plant and also a warehouse of a major fastener importer whose name starts with “B”.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the conference possible, all the great staff and sponsors and the guest.
This is such a great format to meet the movers and shakers in the industry, make great contacts and friends that are in the same industry.  It is strange at first to hang with the guys you compete with on a regular basis but in the end we all just want out little piece of the pie.  There is value in knowing what is happening in the industry outside and have the contacts to get some answers when needed.  Even just having Mark Alcorn, our lawyer in attendance for the whole weekend who you can question on pretty much all related matter is invaluable, imagine free legal advice.
We had a great board meeting this year with 5 new members, Kevin ended up as president for a second term.  The NFDA and Pac-West joint Spring Conference in Long Beach will include a tabletop show. The fall conference will be in Whistler BC which I am excited about as it is my home turf.

Tomorrow I am off to Shanghai, China for my fall trip and then right to Las Vegas for the fastener show, see you all there.
Hans Fuller
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