YFS Socket Products

  • ISO/TS16949
  • YFS – Registered Trademark
  • Fully FQA compliant (USA – Fastener Quality Act)
  • Fully traceable
  • YFS head-marked
  • Inch and Metric
  • Top quality at commodity price levels
  • Approved by leading Tool and Die makers in Canada
  • Bulk & Packaged Quantities
  • YFS provides grade 12.9 high tensile socket products for industry, machinery and other high quality specialties
  • Good quality and complete specifications rely on their production technique, i.e. automatic cold forging and forming, thread rolling and TXG heat treating.
  • They insist on employing high quality SCM 435H alloy steel and middle carbon steel from well-known domestic & foreign suppliers in an effort to ensure quality
  • Based on “first class equipment and first class products”, they continuously bring in the latest production facilities & techniques for offering the best products thus complying with DIN, ISO and IFI international standards.


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